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Paramount Life™ partners with internationally recognised reinsurers to reinsure every life insurance policy we issue. The annual revenue of our reinsurance partners exceeds EUR 8 billion with the reinsurers being amongst the largest in the world. These reinsurers back more than 4 000 insurance companies globally. Our primary reinsurer’s holding company has been awarded, by the rating agencies most relevant to the insurance industry, very strong financial strength ratings: Standard & Poor’s AA- "Very Strong” and AM Best A "Excellent”.”

As a result all customers and distributors can be comfortable that all mortality, morbidity and longevity risks are covered by financially sound and competent world leaders.

Reinsurers have been key partners since the inception of Paramount Life™ with significant contributions to the long term success of Paramount Life. As such Paramount Life has and continues to receive substantial product development support from reinsurers both locally and internationally.

Paramount Life owns a cell captive within Guardrisk. Guardrisk is registered in South Africa as an insurer for all statutory classes of short-term and life insurance business. Guardrisk is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MMI Group of companies.
As a result of its partnership with Guardrisk, Paramount Life has access to a wide range of benefits:

- A well capitalized insurance license
- access to capital and wholesale markets
- access to reinsurance markets
- access to international risk financing facilities
- increased corporate governance
All Paramount Life policies are underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited

Nedgroup Investments

Nedgroup Investments is one of South Africa’s leading investment management companies. It is a division of Nedbank Group Ltd, a large and stable financial services group, and we provide both local and offshore investment management services.


Sygnia is a provider of investment portfolios for the Paramount Life Linked Retirement Income™.

Sygnia is one of the largest multi-management companies in South Africa with assets under management in excess of R85 billion. It is also the largest provider of investment administration services in South Africa.

Sygnia’s success has been driven by their focus on developing leading-edge proprietary systems and technologies which underpin their product and service delivery. They have provided services to South African investors since 2003, and to international clients since 2007 through a team of investment professionals with extensive experience in asset management and retirement fund consulting.

Sygnia’s range of multi-manager products is a showcase of their ability to deliver superior performance without the need to take unnecessary levels of risk.

Investment Solutions
Investment Solutions is a provider of investment portfolios for the Paramount Life Linked Retirement Income™.

As a multi-manager, Investment Solutions researches the investment manager universe and applies a proven methodology in the construction of risk-profile solutions for retirement funds and individual investments.

With ± R200 billion assets under management, Investment Solutions is South Africa’s largest multi-manager; which demonstrates the confidence that the retirement fund industry has in the company. This multi-manager’s value proposition continues to meet the needs of the retirement industry.

To achieve their goals the company has adopted a spirit of innovation and creativity in its approach to providing solutions-based investment products Investment Solutions strives to: 

- Be the leading provider of multi-manager investment portfolios and related services in Southern Africa

- Maintain a meaningful empowerment profile

- Provide service excellence by employing the best people who adopt the highest standards of professionalism and integrity

- Achieve superior returns for all stakeholders


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