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The South African Annuity Index™ illustrates the weighted average movement of South African Guaranteed Annuity rates on a weekly basis.

The SA Annuity Index - 18 June 2018









UP 2.29%


UP 2.03%



UP 2.62%


UP 2.81%


Rates are based on a single life compulsory annuity purchase price per R100 000, based on an investment amount of R1 000 000, for people born on 01/01/1958 payable monthly in arrears. This rate is converted into a rate per R100 000 for comparison purposes.The lower rate refers to the rate for a healthy, non-smoking client who worked as an administrator and earns a gross income of R20,000 per month. The upper rate refers to the rate for a smoking and severely ill client who worked as an administrator and earns a gross income of R20,000 per month. The Paramount Life income quoted includes Estate Protect capital protection with a 50,10,10 pattern. Other provider rates include a 10 year guarantee term. The source of rates was changed on 27 March 2017 as well as the investment amount for the comparison. For more information go to www.paramountlife.co.za.                                                                  Source of current provider rates: Masthead and Paramount Life. Applicable dates: 11/06/2018 to 15/06/2018

The rates used for the index are as per the Market Annuity Bureau.

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