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A fixed annuity product that enhanced value to an annuitant through:
  • lifestyle rating
  • medical rating

As a result individuals can receive in excess of 100% extra income through a fixed annuity.

Annuity income is guaranteed for life.
The INCOMEprotect™ benefit has the following options at inception of a policy
  1. Increase option
    • This determines the rate at which a policyholder’s income will increase each year
    • Options: 0%, 3%, 5%, 10% or increasing by CPI
  2. Joint life annuity
    • Ensures that an income is still paid to a financial dependent after your death
    • Selecting this option will provide you with 3 different income levels:
            Income where both lives are still alive
            Income that continues on your death
            Income that continues on death of your financial dependent
    • It is possible to select an adjustment to the income levels on first death that will ensure that you receive a higher income while both lives are alive
  3. Income frequency
    • This determines how often a policyholder receives income
    • Options: monthly in advance, monthly in arrears, quarterly in advance or annually in advance
  4. These options cannot be changed after inception of your policy


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