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The purchase of an annuity will never be the same again after the launch of Paramount Life’s Guaranteed Annuity.

Actuarial cross subsidisation between risk pools is unsustainable. Firstly, using only age and gender in pricing Guaranteed Annuities introduces extensive and unfair cross subsidisation. Secondly, cross subsidisation falls over when compared to a more advanced approach i.e. considering the policyholder’s medical and lifestyle factors.

If one considers the imbalance to consumers as a result of cross subsidies between risk pools, one can clearly see the need for a more advanced approach when it comes to determining the price of Guaranteed Annuities.

Paramount Life’s focus has been to develop a world leading algorithm (patent pending) that assesses the unique characteristics of each Guaranteed Annuity policyholder. This approach will ensure that policyholders will for the first time receive the correct return on their Guaranteed Annuity investment.

Guaranteed Annuities provide protection against the risk of investment performance and the risk of longevity

This can best be illustrated by looking at the Income Frontier™ (see diagram). The Income Frontier™ illustrates the enhanced income you can receive in retirement by purchasing a Guaranteed Annuity, and considering your Lifestyle and Medical frontier.

The current market only looks at a retiree's age and gender resulting in a Standard Frontier.

Life expectancy is improving by in excess of 5% each year. The Paramount Guaranteed Annuity maximises the protection of your income against the chance of you living longer than expected.  


Paramount Life uses its groundbreaking QuoteMAX™ quotation system (patent pending) to look at your lifestyle status:

·        Income

·        Occupation

·        Smoker Status
A 30% fall in your investment means that you will have to return to work for an extra 5 years in order to sustain the loss —underlining the need for investment protection

This results in the Lifestyle Frontier and a resultant increase in retirement income for a given lump sum investment.


Additionally QuoteMAX™ has the ability to look at your medical status through simple and efficient medical questions. Paramount Life has conducted research both in South Africa and globally over the past 24 months to evaluate and listed over 85 medical conditions that can be considered. These conditions are grouped into 12 categories including an Activities of Daily Living underpin that ensures that your medical condition is considered even if it has not manifested in the form of a listed condition. The consideration of medical conditions using Paramount Life’s proprietary algorithm ensures that your Income Frontier™ is further enhanced which means more income for you.



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