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The Paramount Life medical team continuously analyses medical trends that affect the longevity of retirees.

Below is a list of the standard medical conditions that will result in an enhancement to retirement income.

Should you or your client have a condition that is not listed below our medical team will assess that condition on an individual basis.

·          Heart Attack

·          Angina

·          Heart Bypass or Stents or Balloons (PCI)

·          Aortic Aneurysm

·          Peripheral Vascular Disease

·          High Blood Pressure

·          Arrhythmia

·          Cardiomyopathy

·          Current Shortness of Breath (Dysponea)

·          Valvular Conditions

·          Stroke (including TIA)

·          Diabetes

·          Parkinson's Disease

·          Multiple Sclerosis

·          Alzheimer's Disease

·          Motor Neuron Disease

·          Ongoing Liver Failure

·          Ongoing Kidney Failure

·          Liver Transplant

·          Pancreas and Kidney Transplant

·          Kidney Transplant

·          Pancreas Transplant

·          Bone Marrow Transplant

·          Heart and Lung Transplant

·          Heart Transplant

·          Lung transplant

·          Leukaemia

·          Hodgkin's Lymphoma

·          Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

·          Multiple Myeloma (also known as Myeloma)

·          Myelodysplastic Disorder

·          Myelofibrosis

·          HIV

·          Osteoporosis

·          Arthritis

·          COPD

·          Asthma

·          Current Shortness of Breath (Dysponea)

·          Current Inability to perform daily tasks

·          Prostate Cancer

·          Testicular Cancer

·          Cancer of the penis

·          Melanoma

·          Thyroid Cancer

·          Skin Cancer

·          Cancer of the Central Nervous System (Cranial Nerves, Spinal Cord, Meninges)

·          Cancers of the Head and Neck

·          Cancers of the Eyes and Orbits

·          Cancers of the Endochrine Organs

·          Colon Cancer

·          Cancer of the rectum

·          Kidney Cancer

·          Cancer of the pelvis around the kidney

·          Bladder Cancer

·          Cancer of the Urethers

·          Cancer of the Urethra

·          Cancer of the Larynx (throat)

·          Sarcoma

·          Chondro-sarcoma

·          Ewing's Sarcoma

·          Osteosarcoma

·          Kaposi's sarcoma in the absence of HIV

·          Breast Cancer

·          Cancer of the Anus

·          Cancer of the Pharynx (Throat)

·          Ovarian Cancer

·          Cancer of the Fallopian Tubes

·          Cancer of the Vagina

·          Cancer of the Vulva

·          Cancer of the Cervix

·          Cancer of the Uterus

·          Cancer of the Pancreas

·          Cancer of the Oesophagus

·          Cancer of the Liver (Primary)

·          Small Cell Lung Cancer

·          Lung Cancer

·          Stomach Cancer

·          Gallblader Cancer

·          Small Intestinal Cancer

·          Brain Cancer (Malignant)

·          Dementia

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