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Products - Linked Retirement Income™ - Introduction


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The Paramount Linked Retirement Income is a living annuity, purchased from Paramount in your name and on your life to provide you with an Annuity Income.


The Paramount Linked Retirement Income provides you with the flexibility to select an Annuity Income to suit your income needs.


It can only be purchased with proceeds from a retirement fund or with the proceeds from another living annuity.

Paramount Life is proud to be the first provider in South Africa to incentivise long term income generating behaviour through fee discounts related to long term sustainable income draw downs.


This is one of several innovations that target the long term enhancement of your income generating capacity within the framework of the Linked Retirement Income.

The Behavioural Matrix


The Behavioural Matrix is designed to incentivise optimal income drawdown behaviour. Two factors are analysed to determine administration fee discounts.

- The value of your investment

- The income draw relative to a single life Guaranteed Annuity with a 5% escalation

These factors can result in a discount exceeding 85%.
 The Capital Charge


Every Life Insurer is obligated by regulation to retain capital to protect policyholders against the risk of adverse events.

Paramount has become the first insurer in South Africa to illustrate this charge per policy. A percentage of your investment is required to cover this capital requirement. Rather than lend your policy the capital (at high interest rates like other insurers) we allow your policy to fund the capital.

This means more transparency for you resulting in reduced fees – allowing the generation of higher possible income in future.




Multimanager Portfolio Diversification


Paramount Life has partnered with two of South Africa’s largest multi-managers to provide policyholders with portfolios that ensure maximum income generation.

These portfolios are divided into four categories to ensure that policyholders can choose portfolios according to:

· Risk appetite

· Investment strategy - active versus passive

· Asset class components – cash, equity, property and others

Policyholders are therefore able to access a level of expertise in the allocation of investments across both asset and asset manager - level of diversification necessary to ensure long term income benefits.

Active and Passive Portfolio Management


Policyholders are able to access enhanced returns through a combination of portfolios that are either actively or passively managed.

Passive portfolios allow the targeting of index combinations or alternatively trackers can be used to target specific indices. These portfolios allow annual total expense ratios to drop below 0.5%.

Active portfolios allow access to mangers targeting the out-performance of standard indices to gain enhanced returns.

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