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Paramount Life’s Estate Protect benefit offers you a flexible solution to maximise income and at the same time protect your initial capital.


This is achieved through a unique mechanism known as Total Benefit Technology. 


As you receive income from your annuity you are using up your initial capital. It therefore follows that the outstanding capital that needs to be protected is reducing. Total Benefit Technology allows you to select capital protection that ensures at any given point in time your Total Benefit defined as the sum of your total income received to date and life cover (Estate Protect™) should always equal or exceed your initial capital.


Estate Protect™  allows you to select the correct capital protection pattern thereby ensuring that you are not over insured and as a result can channel more capital towards income. 


The Estate Protect™ parameters that allow this flexibility are:


·      Your initial cover level

        selected as a % of the investment amount


·      Your cover adjustment term 

        the period over which your cover will be adjusted


·      Your minimum cover level

        the minimum level of cover that will always be available on your policy


·      Your premium funding pattern

        Level funding pattern - your premiums remain level over time

        Increasing pattern – your premiums increase by 10% per annum, this in turn will result in a 4% additional increase in cover per annum. The result of this is that your cover effectively resets every year.

   ·      Estate Protect™ allows you to select that the payout be connected to a single life or a combination of the lives on the policy
          –      Payout on the death of the principal life           (Principal Estate Protect™)
          –      Payout on the death of the spouse                  (Spouse Estate Protect™)
          –      Payout on last death of all lives on the policy   (Joint Life Estate Protect™)
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