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Paramount has created a wide range of investment portfolios that can be used together with the Paramount Linked Retirement Income.

All Portfolios are built using the building blocks provided by several of South Africa’s largest Multimanagers including Nedgroup Investments, Investment Solutions and Sygnia Asset Management. 

Through effective portfolio construction Paramount Life is able to Enhance Retirement Income through value driven fees and targeted outperformance of benchmarks.
Four categories of portfolios are available.
Multimanager Active
Follow an active investment strategy.

Multimanager Passive
Follow a passive investment strategy.
Paramount Money Market
Targeted cash and fixed income portfolios.
Paramount Trackers
Tracking of specified indices.

To download fund fact sheets click here.

The portfolios exhibit multiple key features including:
- Equity linked portfolios available for under 0.5%. - A full range of equity and money market portfolios
- Diversification across multimanagers - Multimanager use ensures diversification across managers & asset classes
- Industry leading portfolio management teams

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